Catch Your Dreams In Style

The Ojibwe people and storytellers speak of an ancient Spider Woman, known as Asibikaashi. She cared for all of the children and people on the land. Ojibwa Nation spread to the corners of North America, making it difficult for her to care for all of the people. So the mothers and grandmothers would weave beautiful webs from natural materials. These webs were know as dreamcatchers; allowing the positive dreams to enter our mind and trapping the bad dreams in the web to disappear with the rise of the sun. These dreamcatchers were to be hanged by a window or at the head of your bed.

Dreamcatcher Yogi has a high respect for the history of dreamcatchers and what they mean to the Ojibwa people. We are not trying to claim traditional form, but instead we are creating from our hearts a new school version. Each dreamcatcher is deliberately handmade with the best vibes.